The importance of your Support Team

Who are the Support Team?  The Support Team consists of a Legal Advisor, Financial Advisor, Family and Friends, exercise Buddy and a Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce Coach. Why is a Support Team important? In the initial aftermath of a break-up when emotions are extremely raw and there are often a lot of tears, it takes […]

How does a divorce coach work with Mediators and Lawyers?

What is the difference between a Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce Coach, Mediator and Lawyer?  The role of a Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce Coach is to: The role of a Mediator is to not take sides and will not advise you on what is best. The Mediator will ensure that there is step-by-step process of discussion […]

What you need to know before hiring a divorce coach

How can a Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce help?  The role of a Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce Coach is to: What is their background/specialism? It is important to understand beforehand what are the key drivers for the Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce Coach. A good Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce Coach will have their own story and most […]

What is the difference between a Divorce Coach and Therapist?

Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce Coaching vs. Therapy – The Differences There is a common misconception that being a coach is the same as being a therapist (including counsellors, psychologists). The key difference is the outcome these both achieve. A therapist will dig deep and want to examine things in detail of why you are where […]