How does a divorce coach work with Mediators and Lawyers?

What is the difference between a Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce Coach, Mediator and Lawyer? 
by Nishma Raval

by Nishma Raval

What is the difference between a Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce Coach, Mediator and Lawyer? 

The role of a Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce Coach is to:

  • To ensure that they have their clients best interest at heart and work with them to achieve the best result for them
  • To work with their clients to identify areas they are struggling with
  • To help their clients to cope with negative emotions and provide strategies to help them dial these down by teaching them how to take control of the remote control to their brain
  • To identify solutions to deal with practical challenges
  • To create stepping stones to move them towards a brighter future
  • To share simple and easy techniques and strategies that provide instant results
  • To provide momentum to make long lasting changes
  • To provide a tool kits of skills that empowers their clients to cope better with all areas of their break-up
  • To show their clients how to become self reliant
  • To enable their clients to take back their control and get back in the driving seat of their life again
  • To show their clients that it’s not what happens to them in life that defines them, its what they do about it that makes them the person they are

The role of a Mediator is to not take sides and will not advise you on what is best. The Mediator will ensure that there is step-by-step process of discussion to ensure that everyone’s point of view has been heard. Mediator’s focus on trying to get a resolution agreed between the two parties. Mediators do not have to be Lawyers, but some are. Just as with a Lawyer, you will discuss money and property, children. The Mediator does not seek information about people from others nor do they pass information on without permission unless anyone is at risk of harm or f=if any criminal acidity come to light. If any of the decision made are needed to be officially agreed, this would then be needed to be taken to court. 

The role of a Lawyer in a divorce will be to help you complete the various forms (Form A, Form E FDA, FDR) that allow you to file for the divorce  and move through the process, to help you make important decisions about custody, child care, property and finance  whilst ensuring your legal rights are protected. Each side will have their own Lawyer and unlike with a Mediator, the Lawyer cannot represent both parties.

How do the three work together? 

Divorce Coaches over arch both the Mediators and Lawyers and work closely with both (either all three together or on a 1:1 basis). The Divorce Coach will provide the emotional and practical support leaving the details of the how to the Mediators and/or the Lawyers.

Mediators and Lawyers can work together as part of Hybrid Mediation. This is where the lawyers are present in the mediation sessions in order to reach a resolution.

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