What you need to know before hiring a divorce coach

It is important to understand beforehand what are the key drivers for the Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce Coach.
by Nishma Raval

by Nishma Raval

How can a Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce help? 

The role of a Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce Coach is to:

  • To ensure that they have their clients best interest at heart and work with them to achieve the best result for them
  • To work with their clients to identify areas they are struggling with
  • To help their clients to cope with negative emotions and provide strategies to help them dial these down by teaching them how to take control of the remote control to their brain
  • To identify solutions to deal with practical challenges
  • To create stepping stones to move them towards a brighter future
  • To share simple and easy techniques and strategies that provide instant results
  • To provide momentum to make long lasting changes
  • To provide a tool kits of skills that empowers their clients to cope better with all areas of their break-up
  • To show their clients how to become self reliant
  • To enable their clients to take back their control and get back in the driving seat of their life again
  • To show their clients that it’s not what happens to them in life that defines them, its what they do about it that makes them the person they are

What is their background/specialism?

It is important to understand beforehand what are the key drivers for the Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce Coach. A good Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce Coach will have their own story and most likely a specialism. This is particularly useful in cases of abuse. Often Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce Coach will have a specialist area as a result of their own experience. This is good to know so that you feel assured that you are talking to someone who you can relate to.

What locations do they cover? 

Most Coaches work remotely and will therefore be able to be accessed both domestically and nationally. Depending on what you need where a coach mostly offers a remote service, they will often be able to accommodate in person sessions if this is something you personally feel you would benefit from.

What is their availability? 

Most coaches (especially those that work remotely) will generally work flexibly so will be able to accommodate sessions as needed. This means that as a client you can feel assured that you will get the support you need when you need it.


Relationship, Break-Up & Divorce Coaches can charge anything from £95 per hour to £350 per hour. Most Coaches will offer a 30-minute free Discovery Call to find out a bit more about your story and then advise how they can help. The first session will generally last for 1.5 hours and this will be used to get your full story. Subsequent sessions will typically last 1 hour.

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