Break-up & Divorce Coaching

Compassionate, London-based divorce coach Nishma Raval offers personalised support to help you navigate the challenges of separation and move forward with confidence.

Break-Up & Divorce Coaching

The end of a relationship or marriage can be one of the biggest challenges anyone can experience. For some, it can be as emotional as losing a loved one. However, you don’t have to navigate this difficult time alone.

As an Accredited Master Practitioner Break-Up & Divorce Coach, I can provide emotional and practical support, covering all aspects of your separation, whether you’re at the start of your break up and/or divorce journey or looking to move forward positively by creating a life that you enjoy to live.

What are the examples of the situations and topics that Break-Up & Divorce Coaching will cover?

  • Divorce
  • Break-Up
  • Drifting/drifted apart
  • Abusive relationships
  • High conflict relationships
  • An affair (you or your partner)
  • Long relationship petered out
  • Short passionate relationships
  • Contemplating a break-up and/or divorce
  • Recurring relationship issues e.g. commitment, attracting toxic relationships, jealousy, anger
  • Emotional aspects of a break-up/divorce e.g. heartbreak, betrayal, boundaries, co-parenting, communicating (with your partner and/or ex-partner, family, children), re-building confidence & self-esteem, feeling stuck, self-reliance, rediscovering your identity, dating again

Who is Break-Up & Divorce Coaching for?

Break-Up & Divorce Coaching is suitable for anyone that is feeling emotionally and mentally overwhelmed as a result of their relationship ending or being ended (by you or your partner). The emotions experienced during this time can be very complex and heightened even further when there are lots of practical logistics to consider all at once, such as moving and co-parenting that you may not want to burden friends and family with all the time. The Break-Up & Divorce Coach is an additional member of your Support Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

As your Break-Up and Divorce Coach and an integral part of your Break-Up Support Team, I will recommend simple and easy tools, techniques and strategies that when followed, will provide instant results and empower you to cope better by:

  • Helping you to take responsibility for your life – The only person responsible for your life and how you feel is YOU. Your ex is no longer responsible and it is time to re-build and increase your self-reliance and cut those ties. I will show you how to take responsibility, so that you are no longer co-dependent on your ex.
  • Helping you to get clarity – The majority of fear that is faced during a break-up and/or divorce stems from a lack of knowledge. Fear won’t help you move forward and staying confused with a lack of clarity causes increased overwhelm, stress and anxiety. I will work with you to create a plan to address any issues that may arise as a result of any newly acquired knowledge. Clarity gives you the power to make better informed decisions.
  • Helping you to take back your control – We all control the remote control to our brains, even though we may not know how to use it. By using the remote control, I will show you how to control your emotions and choose how you react. This will allow you to take back your control, cope better with any negative emotions and allow you to decide how YOU want to feel.
  • Helping you to move forward positively – The key to moving forward positively is to stop re-living your story and look forward by creating small stepping-stones, which help you to maintain momentum every day. I will show you how to move forward positively, so that you are empowered to live a life that you love and enjoy living.

Following our initial 30-minute discovery call, we will start by having our first session. The first session will last for 1.5 hours. We will start with your story from the beginning and will dedicate approx. 45 minutes – 1 hour to this in order for me to understand the situation fully. We only go over your story once in full. After this we will start to work with the various tools and techniques based on your personal situation, to help you obtain clarity, take back your control and then move forward. We will then build on this in further sessions, which will then typically last 1 hour.

I am based in London. However, I can provide Break-Up & Divorce Coaching remotely, so am available to work with clients globally and am able to accommodate sessions flexibly as needed. This means that as a client you can feel assured that you will get the support you need, when you need it.

What to do now?

If you would like to discuss in confidence how I can help you with your Break-Up and/or Divorce, then please either call me on 07956 100 100 or book a free discovery call below.