Divorce Coach London

London-based, accredited, experienced breakup and divorce coach, Nishma Raval can help you deal with every aspect of your separation and look forward to the future.

Break-up and divorce coaching

Love is blind yet it conquers all, as the saying goes. Sadly not every relationship has a happily ever after, but I can help get you through this difficult time.

My name is Nishma Raval, and I’m a London-based, Accredited Practitioner Relationship Coach and Accredited Master Practitioner Break-Up & Divorce Coach.

This means I am able to offer professional, emotional and practical support at every stage of your break-up or divorce. Think of me as a life coach but with a little something extra.

As a Break-Up & Divorce Coach, I can give you tools that will help you navigate uncharted emotional waters, and allow you to look to the future with confidence.

Why do I need break-up or divorce coaching?

It’s a good question. Many couples struggling with a break-up or divorce often have the support of their family, friends and legal professionals, such as solicitors.

Although your loved ones no doubt will have your best interests at heart, and a solicitor will do their utmost to win your case, my divorce coaching is a very different kind of help.

As an Accredited Break-Up & Divorce Coach, I can show you a range of strategies, tools and techniques that will help you better handle the emotional and practical aspects of your separation.

Just like a life coach, I am impartial, compassionate and non-judgmental. I will call on all my coaching experience to help you cope with all aspects of your breakup, from the initial impact to moving forward from the decree absolute.

The impact of a breakup or divorce

As a breakup and divorce coach, I know that for some people, the end of a relationship or marriage can be liberating.

However, for others, it’s a hugely traumatic life event, with an emotional impact on their world similar to the death of a loved one.

They experience the same levels of sadness and grief at the loss of a partner or spouse. It can leave them struggling at work and things may deteriorate at home.

If there are children involved, the breakup can be even more emotionally complex, with lots of unanswered questions, including:

  • who will live where after the divorce?
  • how will we co-parent the children?
  • what happens about money?

My coaching expertise can help you deal with these and other challenging situations. It can give you the skills you need to make better decisions about your ex, your family and view things differently about your life.

Can divorce coaching help with negative emotions?

Absolutely. As a Relationship, Break-up & Divorce Coach, the tool kit I can provide will support clients in many ways:

Communication and confidence

Whether you want to avoid areas of potential conflict with your ex-partner, or be able to speak honestly to your children and family, my coaching can help.

Your family and friends can be an emotional lifeline during a separation, but not all of them will have undergone a similar experience with their own divorce.

Likewise, their relationships with you mean they’re unlikely to offer an unbiased opinion on your situation. Their advice, while well-intentioned, may not be wise to follow.

As a London-based Break-Up & Divorce Coach, I provide clear guidance to clients that is both objective and practical.

You will get a better understanding of what’s happening during the breakup or divorce process and have the confidence to make important decisions that aren’t based on emotions.


Moving on from the heartbreak

However hard it may be to accept the fact your relationship has ended or you are divorced, there will come a time when you will want to look ahead at what’s to come and think about your new life.

My coaching can put in place short and mid-term strategies and techniques that will help you cope with all your emotions and feelings. They will help keep you focused, organised and confident during this stage of your life journey.

This advice and support will also make it easier for you to deal with your grief about the break-up process and divorce experience.

I will then help you create a long-term action plan that gives you the confidence to co-parent your children, restart your career and – who knows – perhaps dip a toe into the dating world again.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am based in London but also offer my divorce coach services remotely, enabling me to work with clients all over the UK and internationally.

The coaching process begins with an initial 30-minute discovery call, before we arrange the first session at a time to suit you.

This first session will last for around 90 minutes, and I’ll ask you to explain your full story from the beginning, dedicating up to an hour, so I fully understand your situation as your divorce coach. We will only ever do this once.

Over subsequent meetings, I will give you the various tools and techniques that I believe will help you cope with your personal situation.

They can cover everything from boosting your confidence and self-esteem, advice on how to deal with negative emotions, or better understand what your lawyer tells you.

My Break-Up & Divorce Coaching will help you obtain clarity, take back your control and move forward positively. We will then build on this in further hourly sessions.

Definitely! The services I offer don’t end when a client’s relationship is declared legally over. In many cases, that’s when I am needed the most.

As well as providing coaching during the breakup and divorce process, I can also help a client start to move forward with their life journey and career, post-divorce.

For many people, the act of getting a divorce is a major blow to their personal confidence and self esteem. It’s a setback in their life journey that’s not always easy to talk about.

My breakup and divorce coaching can identify ways and create frameworks that will help you move past the heartbreak of separating from your partner.

As my client, you’ll find a complete sense of calm after your divorce. My coaching and techniques will, in time, give you the ability to talk with confidence about the future and this new chapter of your life.

The ultimate aim is for both clients involved in the breakups or divorce to get past the legal proceedings, forging new lives that will see them move on from this heartbreak and thrive.

What to do now?

Like all divorce coaches, I aim to help all my clients to move forward and I can do the same for you, too. If you’d like to discuss how I can help you with your relationship or during your break up of divorce, click on the ‘Book a Free 30 minute Discovery Call’ button.

Alternatively, you can either send me an email at info@nishmaravalcoaching.com or call me on 07956 100100.