Should I hire a break-up coach?

London-based, accredited, experienced breakup and divorce coach, Nishma Raval can help you deal with every aspect of your separation.

Relationships should be easy, but from time to time they can be hard work. Sometimes, they don’t pan out the way we expect or hope, and eventually come to an end.

Dealing with the emotional fall-out from breakups or failed relationships can be a minefield.

Understanding how to navigate the world without your ex, from dividing up property to caring for children, can be an intimidating prospect. But you’re not alone.

My name is Nishma Raval, and I’m a London-based, Accredited Practitioner Relationship Coach and Accredited Master Practitioner Break-Up & Divorce Coach.

Whether you’re experiencing a particularly rough patch in your relationship or, if things have broken down completely, you are facing a marriage breakup and divorce, as a relationship expert, I’m the person who can help get you through.

How do I coach someone through a breakup?

The end of a relationship, regardless of duration, can come as a huge emotional shock, even if your love life has been getting worse for a while.

Such couples who experience the upheaval of separation suddenly discover there are lots of issues for them and their ex partner to deal with, above and beyond how they feel. That’s where my skills as a breakup coach come in.

I can give women and men the tools and techniques that will help them make sense of what’s going on during this turbulent time, and cope with the feelings of heartbreak dominating your life.

Avoid knee-jerk reactions

My coaching will put in place support mechanisms that will help you think clearly about relationships, avoiding knee-jerk responses to the actions of your ex or soon to be ex-partner.

I’ll ensure the lines of communication between both parties stay open post-breakup and, even if I can’t save relationships or marriages, I can help women and men who are no longer married be ‘functionally friendly’, which is especially important when children are involved.

More than just a relationship coach

As a breakup coach, I help clients cope with the emotional rollercoaster that follows the heartbreak of a separation or relationship breakdown. But it’s not the only benefit from each session.

I also put in place techniques that will allow people to begin thinking about the future in a positive way after the breakup.

Perhaps they will even consider moving on from their ex and kick-start their love life.

Gain mental clarity

My coaching can include making sure my clients have the mental clarity to sort out any financial decisions, take advice calmly or talk about legal issues in an informed way.

I can also help clients find the best way to amicably resolve child care schedules with their ex, and answer any tricky questions about their separation thrown up by their children.

Your personal breakup coach

Although I’m a London breakup coach, I work with clients dealing with their breakups across the UK and the world, and tailor each session to their particular needs.

Like many coaches, my help begins with a free, half-hour discovery call, after which I’ll sign you up for the first appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

During the first, 90-minute meeting, You can explain your story from start to finish, so I can hear everything and fully understand the situation. This can take up to an hour and will be the only time we do this.

Tools and techniques

From them on in, I will give you the tools and techniques I know as a coach will help you cope with what you’re going through.

That could include you needing a self-esteem boost, advice on coping with negative emotions, or help with understanding the legal side of the breakup.

Subsequent coaching sessions will help you take back control of your life post-breakup and move forward with a positive outlook.

Contact me

Like many divorce coaches, I aim to be the person a client can lean on to help them move forward in their life and rewrite their story. I can do the same for you.

If you’d like to discuss how I can help you with your relationship or during your break up, click on the ‘Book a free Discovery Call’ button and fill in the contact form.

Alternatively, you can either send me an email at or call me on 07956 100100.