Terms and Conditions

When you are purchasing coaching services from Nishma Raval Coaching the following Terms and Conditions apply.


Coaching is a confidential two-way process between the coach and the client, built on trust, honesty and respect.  It is an active process.

Role of coach

Nishma will:

  • Be non-judgmental, objective, honest and open throughout the coaching relationship
  • Encourage and challenge the client to take responsibility and focus on moving forward positively
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment for clients to work through their feelings and explore strategies for change and development
  • Support the client during their coaching journey
  • Listen carefully, question and use coaching skills to help the client work through issues arising and create stepping stones towards their desired outcomes
  • Observe confidentiality unless consent is given to disclose information, or disclosure is required by law
  • Be honest with the client where an issue cannot be dealt with through coaching


Role of client

The client:

  • Will be ready and willing to work openly and honestly with Nishma
  • Understands that coaching is an investment in their future, and wants to move forward positively
  • Is open to challenges to their thoughts, ideas and mindset
  • Is open to feedback and support and will create the time and energy to participate fully in coaching
  • Is ready to make positive changes and to take conscious control of their life and future
  • Understands that they have sole responsibility for making important decisions in their life
  • Understands that Nishma is not a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, therapist, counsellor or medical professional, and that coaching is not a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions
  • Understands that coaching does not include legal or financial advice


Coaching schedule

The coaching schedule will be agreed between the client and Nishma.  



Coaching investment

The investment for coaching will be agreed between the client and Nishma.  Nishma will confirm the investment in writing, usually via email.



Payment terms

Payment can be made by bank transfer (as set out on invoice), via Stripe, or as agreed with the client in advance of the first session.  

Fees are payable in advance of coaching sessions unless otherwise agreed.  Where a payment schedule is agreed, this will be set out on the invoice to the client.

Where payment has not been received by Nishma in advance of a session, Nishma is not obliged to provide the session.

Where a client requests a receipt, this will be sent by email unless otherwise requested.


Scheduled sessions

It is expected that scheduled sessions will begin at the agreed time. Any sessions which begins after that time due to late client arrival for whatever reason cannot be extended beyond the agreed finish time.

In the case of a situation beyond the client’s control, please contact Nishma as soon as possible on 07956 100100.



Between sessions

The client will leave each session with an Action Plan designed to help them focus on moving forward positively.  Nishma may ask the client to undertake certain tasks or exercises between coaching sessions. There is no obligation on the client to complete these, but not doing so may slow the client’s progress and impede their ability to move forward.

Where email and/or telephone support is agreed as part of a package, Nishma will be available to the client, within reason, by email/telephone in between scheduled sessions. Nishma will endeavour to reply to emails/messages as promptly as possible, within usual business hours.


Cancellation policy

If the client is unable to attend a scheduled session, please let Nishma know as soon as possible, and at least 48 hours in advance in advance of the scheduled session. Nishma will try in good faith to reschedule the missed meeting.

If the client simply fails to attend a scheduled session or does not give the required notice of at least 48 hours, Nishma reserves the right to retain the fees paid.

In the case of serious accident, emergency or other situation beyond the client’s control, please deal with the situation first, and then notify Nishma at earliest convenience. Nishma will follow up typically within 24 to 48 hours of the missed appointment. 

If for any reason, Nishma needs to cancel an appointment, a minimum of 2 days’ notice will be given (if possible) and an alternative time will be offered.



Nishma will give at least 2 weeks’ notice of any planned holiday dates during which she will be unavailable.  



Either the client or Nishma may terminate this agreement at any time with one week’s written notice.

If the client wishes to cease coaching with Nishma, Nishma will refund to the client any pre-paid fees for any scheduled appointment, providing that the required notice had been given.

If Nishma wishes to terminate the coaching relationship, then, as far as possible, Nishma will explain the reasons to the client, and refund to the client any pre-paid fees for any scheduled appointment. 



Any personal information shared with Nishma by the client as part of the coaching relationship will be treated as confidential. It will not be disclosed to a third party without the client’s prior consent, except where required by law or where action might be necessary to prevent harm to the client or someone else.

Nishma will not disclose the client’s name as a reference without the client’s consent. 

It is, of course, not possible to protect the confidentiality of information that is transmitted electronically through emails and computers connected to the Internet that do not utilise security or encryption protection.

Where consultations are conducted in a group format, the Client agrees to maintain the confidentiality of all information communicated to the client by Nishma and Nishma’s other coaching clients.



Nishma’s coaching is provided with all reasonable care and skill.  Subject to that, Nishma does not accept any liability to the client, and gives no warranty as to what outcome the client may achieve as a result of Nishma’s coaching. The client is responsible for the actions he/she takes or does not take following the coaching received by the client.

To the extent permitted by law, Nishma’s maximum aggregate liability in acting for the client is capped at what is recoverable by Nishma under her professional indemnity insurance cover from time to time.  A copy of the relevant policy is available on request.